In 2023, a beautiful collaboration with the Museo de Huesca (Spain) crystallizes, which houses a very rich and varied art collection, with a wide chronological range, from prehistoric pieces to works of art from the 20th century.
The proposed botanical itinerary covers a wide variety of works, such as Roman pieces—such as the famous Verdulo ceramic vase—or paintings made by Ramón Acín. This botanical tour is permanent, so you can visit it whenever you want.
Something of the museum’s surprising botany is shown on all supports: in a ring, in ceramics, in a tapestry, in an altarpiece, in paintings made on panel or canvas…
The Museo de Huesca thus becomes another painted garden, another museum that flourishes with its botany.
The tour, which is carried out chronologically, is dotted with wall labels where the botanical information of each work analyzed is collected. The larger exhibit labels are also accessible with a QR code .