The Museo Esteban Vicente of contemporary art in Segovia organized the exhibition A la luz del jardín (In the Light of the Garden) in 2022. In it, it was twinned with two artists who loved his gardens: Esteban Vicente (1903-2001) and Joaquín Sorolla (1863-1923).
On the occasion of this exhibition, and together with the landscape architect Manuel Sánchez, we installed a remembering of the garden that Esteban Vicente had in his house in the United States. The place chosen was the Museo Esteban Vicente’s garden.
Thus, from spring to autumn, the same perennial coneflower, white and pink phlox, sweet alyssum, roses… that the painter planted with his own hands on Long Island bloomed.
At the same time, in front of the Segovia aqueduct, we carried out another gardening action: a specific painting by Esteban Vicente was recreated: Vision. But, instead of using brushes, we planted different herbaceous and shrubby plants, to reflect the colors of the canvas: greens, yellows, reddish…