In 2021, the prestigious chandlery Cerabella , founded in 1862, contacted me to create a collection of candles that recreates the botanical details that appear in the book The Garden in the Prado. The intention is to launch it in the first half of 2022.

An unfortunate accident completely destroys the factory, which falls prey to flames, in an atrocious fire. Work is paralyzed.

But, like a phoenix, Cerabella resurfaces and also takes up our project.
With complete confidence, the chandlery gives me complete freedom to choose the paintings from the Museo del Prado that I would like to illuminate and rescue their aroma.

Thus a collection arises that begins with these first three candles: Paradise and Hell, by Hieronymus Bosch, and The Three Graces, by Rubens.
In each of the paintings I selected the aromas that inspired me, based mainly on the plants that could appear in each work of art.

In this way, I chose the botanical notes that should appear in each perfume of each candle: the moss and fruits in the Bosch’s garden, the aromatic and burnt wood in the Hell or the roses in Rubens’ painting, among others aromatic notes.

I have been able to select every detail, masterfully crafted by Cerabella: the beautiful box, which unfolds like a flower; the images and framing of each work of art; the texts of each candle, stamped on both the box and the candle glass, and even written with my calligraphy; the text common to the entire collection; …

The aromas of each candle are captivating, something that everyone who has been able to smell them agrees on. As each candle burns, the fragrance released is soft, not invasive, but at the same time accompanies in a warm way. The master perfumers have known how to shape the aromas I had in mind, after many tests in which each note was lowered or raised, until they found this hypnotic result.

Each large candle is made with the highest quality soy wax and burns for 60 hours.

I hope that you like these candles and that they protect you in your best moments, and that they provide all the warmth of their beautiful flame.
Thank you very much, Cerabella, for allowing me to learn and enjoy this beautiful world!
The candles can be purchased in specialized stores and on Cerabella’s own website.